Map of Europe The Youth Brass Orchestra of the F. Chopin Mariánské Lázně School of Music was created in 1969. The orchestra is made up of more than 70 musicians, with an average age of fifteen. Even with such a young orchestra it has, nonetheless had considerable success – not only at home in Mariánské Lázně but elsewhere in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is famous in most European countries; it has visited: Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Italy and Malta. The Orchestra has also toured the North-African state of Tunisia.

A Few Musicians of The Youth Brass Orchestra and MajorettesSince 1973 a group majorettes has become an indivisible part of the orchestra. The fact, that the ensemble performs 100 common recitals a year, testifies to its huge interest.The orchestra and the majorettes take part in many festivals and international competitions, in which they have already won about 40 diplomas and awards. A significant share of the success of the ensemble belongs to the chiefs: the conductor of the Youth Brass Orchestra Mr. Josef Koreis and the head of majorettes Mrs. Eliška Sudová, who was replaced with MgA. Barbara Mikysková in 2010 and in years 2011-2014 was the leader MgA. Nela Výborná. In the present is the head of majorettes Mgr. Petra Koreisová.


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